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Lessons - Ski School is regarded as one of the best ski and snowboard schools in North America. Ski School programs offer the best possible.

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Private lesson & ski guides for all ages

Build your confidence and explore the mountains with a pro that matches your exact needs. Go one-on-one or make a group with up to four family or friends of similar ability. You can select pros by specific languages, gender and certification level. Plus, the highest certified pros with the most experience teaching and guiding. All Ages.

Private lesson & snowboarding guides for all ages

Check out our handy beginners Guide before heading to the hill! Private ski and snowboard lessons are available by appointment for all ages and ability levels.

Ski or ride with an Olympian

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ski or snowboard with an Olympian? Follow their tracks, copy their technique or hear their stories? Wonder no longer with Snow School’s most exclusive program.

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Specialty programs

Adaptive lessons

Our adaptive program makes snow sports accessible to everyone, whatever their ability is. The program caters to both beginners and advanced skills of all age groups. Our trained and certified instructors, guides, and assistants will help those with both physical and cognitive disabilities access the slopes of Ski School.

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Training programs

School for Instructors. Programs including Yes Improvement and Alltracks Academy plus certification courses through CASI and CSIA including CSIA + Children's Teaching Module.

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